To all our dear and valued guests : 

Due to the Covid-19 phenomena we must now observe particular directives of our National Public Healthcare Institute regarding the operation of the hotel. The directives are intended to better guard the well-being of us all. As such, your active participation will be greatly appreciated.

In accordance with current and active recommendations, you will find hand soap dispensers at the entrance of the hotel as well as in each of the hallways that lead to the rooms. We wish to underline the importance of keeping an appropriate "distance" (6 feet, or 2 meters) from other guests and our staff while in common areas of the hotel. It is universally recommended to practice "distancing" when in the hotel, but also while enjoying any other parts of the city that you may choose to discover.

Under these special circumstances your room will, of course, be thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, but it will not be cleaned during your stay. If you need fresh towels or amenities you need only ask for them at the front desk where there will be a sufficient supply for all.

In addition we must regretfully suspend our food service until further notice. However, there are many restaurants in close proximity to the hotel all of whom can provide great menu choices.